Friday, December 30, 2016

Black Panther #9 Spoilers and Thoughts...


- The issue starts with a look at Changamire with T'challa narrating. Basically, his grand ideas have failed. He thought there could be revolution without blood shed and he was wrong. It hints at a discussion between the two soon.

- T'challa then looks towards himself and his own failings as a king basically. He is, "ill fitted for the crown" and it is one reason he brought Shuri back.

- We get the preview with Shuri and T'challa in the usual conference room.

- Then a meeting between Tetu and the Midnight Angels. There is apparently rapings and such going on with The Peoples men. "Mother" addresses this with Tetu and he simply blows it off. Once the meeting concludes, the MA question there alliance with Tetu. They bicker with themselves over what to do with Tetu and what to do with the captured HZ. Basically... they are in over their heads and have no where to turn.

- The People's forces are gathering in Niganda, preparing to attack the Golden City. Tetu and Zenzi are unsure of the MA's. Zenzi seemingly powers up the army.

- Aneka ends up freeing the HZ and delivering them back to the Golden City while announcing her breaking from the crown essentially. She then runs away, basically having been broken by renouncing her whole life. At the end, she is confronted by Shuri, asking her to tell her a story.


- T'challa is once again a side character in his own book. It gets frustrating reading and even more frustrating talking about repeatedly. He was in about 3 pages and monologued a couple more. The monologue was on point until it turned into more "I hate being king and suck at it" stuff. Ayo's statement that "Tetu may be worse than T'challa" is just so baffling, even from the MA's point of view.

I am just out of things to say about it. "Black Panther" was on the title of two books this month yet was in about 5 pages. And none of them were heroic. That is just... a baffling fact.

Moving on though...

- The MA were exposed in this issue for being terribly short sighted. This all started because of love and rage and, while there motivation SEEMS pure, it is really "save our own asses" at this point. I mean shit, they are being schooled by some random elder villager they saved! They aligned with someone that was 100x worse than T'challa ever could be, realized it, and realized they were screwed.

- When you shrug off rape, you know you've gone full villain. Tetu continues to impress in that regard, even if he hasn't really don't anything physically exciting. And Zenzi is just a side piece at this point.

- T'challa finally brings Shuri back... and they don't even share a moment together.

- So, what happened to Stane? What happened to the recording? How does Tetu still have support?

- Coates might be the best "last page cliff hanger" at Marvel at this point. He routinely gets me frustrated and angry and ready to light a book on fire... and then turns around and drops a cliffhanger page that has me justifying another issue.

- This issue basically showed the flaws in everyone side of this conflict. Tetu is evil and wants power... he is easy. The MA's really have no idea what they want and are lost. Changamire was nothing but words and ideas and didn't really comprehend what would happen if the ideas were put into place. T'challa feels Wakanda needs a royal... but feels like he isn't the king it needs.

So... where is the hero lol?

JUDGEMENT: If you have stuck around this long.... might as well finish it out

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