Monday, December 12, 2016

November 2016 Sales Report

Black Panther #8 featuring the return of Shuri:


Oh shit, what is happening? This is 15K under the current lowest selling issue (#6) and is definitely another "tier drop" in turns of sales. Can Coates keep things over 40K until #12?

Were the last two issues propped up by variant covers? Are people getting bored with the never ending story? Was "turmoil in Wakanda" selling better than fighting Stane and traveling to the Djalia?

We will hope that curiosity with Shuri can give this book another boost in issue #9.

Here is the updated look at T'challa completely publication history:

This drops the book more in line with Hudlin's various peaks during his run and the beginning of Priest's run. Definitely not "bad" but we are dropping into more normal territory if the trend continues.

Ultimates² #1, featuring Luke Charles and the new Herald of Galactus and a new shiny #1:


Yiiiiiiiikes! That is not pretty. Hopefully the hardcore fans can keep this book in the 25K range like it was before because, wowza, that ain't good.

Sucks because that was probably one of my favorite issues in the Ultimates series so far.

Black Panther: World of Wakanda #1, featuring a horrid first story followed by solid Zenzi story:


And the pain continues. If others found this story as bad as I did, it will be lucky to be above 20K by issue #3. For comparison's sake, Prowler #1 debuted at 37K and its #2 this month was at 17.6K. Yes, niche characters can drop THAT FAST and Prowler is anchored by the Spidey line.

Why they rushed this book out about two brand new characters is beyond me unless I get cynical about it.

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