Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Totally Awesome Hulk #12 (T'challa Guest Appearances) Spoilers and Thoughts...

Quick Spoilers...

- Start with a Cho/Banner moment

- Back to where we left off. Cho asks T'challa for help, T'challa wonders if its a trick but Cho powers down from Hulk form.

- Jake then fires on him anyway. T'challa asks him why and Jake says they have to stick to the plan and send him to the Negative Zone because he is out of control.

- Maddy stops them, saying the monster took the ladies child. T'challa has a touching moment where he calls her daughter and promises to find her son.

- They track the monster to a crack in the run. T'challa is too big ot fit, reminds Cho he has to control his emotions, and he goes to find another way in to flank the monster.

- Cho finds the monster in human form. Some villain monologue and then he throws the baby off a cliff... T'challa shows up to catch him.

- Cho transforms, fights the monster, tells them to teleport them both to the Negative Zone, but Maddy stops them. Maddy ends up isolating the monster and he is teleported off.

- Maddy scolds Cho and leaves him. T'challa returns the son to the lady.

- Cho goes off to meet Barton and they have a heart-to-heart of sorts.

T'challa Thoughts...

- While I prefer fisticuffs, this was still a nice little cameo appearance.

- We got a little tech feat there with the little communication spheres. T'challa doing "superhero stuff" is also kind of un to see. I would prefer more "superhero" and less "king" these days as the crown stuff is almost overplayed and a burden at times.

- The moment between the lady who lost their child and T'challa gave T'challa more humanity that Coates has done in 8 issues.

- Hopefully this won't be the end of T'challa's guest appearances in this book. Pak simply gets the character.

Relevant T'challa scans below...

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