Monday, November 7, 2016

T'challa vs M'baku: Round 4

Story: The King is Dead (Priest #48-49)

Background: T'challa is suffering from the after effects of his incurable aneurysm, which is giving him illusions of Magneto giving him "advice." Future T'challa is back in stasis. QDJ and Vibraxas free M'baku from prison, on the condition he goes back to the Crystal Forrest peacefully and returns to the Golden City for his trial. He lied. 

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After killing the future version of T'challa, The King snaps and declares war on the Jabari tribe

The idiots Vibraxas and QDJ, who started all of this, try and intervene and plea to the king. T'challa shows no mercy whatsoever. Due a combination of T'challa hallucinating again and what is essentially Vibraxas sass, T'challa attacks Vibraxas as he thinks it is Magneto.

QDJ gets caught in the crossfire when trying to de-escalate

M'baku then attacks while T'challa is dealing with his aneurysm

Once the medication takes its effects and re-orients T'challa, QDJ, who didn't die after all, pleads for him to stop the attack. He relents. 

In the end, T'challa gives all power to the Tribal Council and leaves the throne to hide in New York. 

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