Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Black Panther: World of Wakanda #1 Spoiler and Thoughts

Midnight Angels Story Spoilers...

- Aneka is the captain/trainer of the Dora Milaje, Ayo is a new, hot headed recruit.

- Aneka makes an example of her. Sparks fly.

- Boss Dora mentions to Aneka that her actions seemed unnecarry.

- More Ayo/Aneka training.

- Boss Dora brings in Folami, who can't fight but "knows things" whatever that means really.

- More potential love sparks between Ayo and Aneka

- Jump forward to a mission dealing with Atlanteans in Wakanda. Apparantely this takes place during AvX.

- Dora recruits initiated into the DM

- Namor floods Wakanda


- Good lord this was terrible. Terribly thin, terribly simple, terribly written, terrible thought balloons.

- This book existed to show more of Ayo and Aneka and instead, Roxane turned them into walking Disney caricatures. It is pathetic and pointless. Coates did more in 2 pages than Roxane did with half a book.

- Why on Earth are we jumping way back to pre-AvX?

- I'm insulted by this book. Roxane cannot write comics. This was garbage.

Zenzi Story Spoilers...

- We get a back story and semi origin of Zenzi

- She is Nigandan, who was essentially treated like garbage for being Nigandan. It involved a story of a young friend who was forbidden to play with her.

- There is talks of the Alkama fiends and how the Wakandan's took it from Niganda and that was the source of their strength.

- Zenzi heads ot the city of Azzari, which recently pulled itself back together by themselves, without the help of T'challa.

- Zenzi leaves the city. On her walk she is attacked but uses her powers to stop them. Her powers exhaust her though

- Tetu finds her. Comments on what she did. Asks if she wants to be liberated like him. She says she will not put her faith in one man again. And basically that she wants to liberate a nation.


- This was a legit story. I wish Yona wrote both parts of the story or I wish Zenzi got all 20 pages to herself.

- The comic weaved the past and present wonderfully to tell the initial story.

- I am unsure what "one man" she is referring to initially but maybe we will find out.

- Small continuity error... T''challa was not king during or post Namor's attack.

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