Thursday, November 17, 2016

Black Panther #8 Spoilers and Thoughts...


- T'challa talks and thanks each of the Crew. We get the best conversation between Storm and T'challa since AvX which is a plus. Eden teleports them out.

- T'challa and Eden prepare to journey into the Djalia for Shuri. We learn that the living death she is incased in was a better design than what encased Thanos and that is why T'challa cannot break through it.

- We get a long monologue from T'challa talking about what he had did (left his sister to die) and why he did what he did. And then we get monologues on how he figured out where Shuri was (as well as a panel explaining the last incursion increased his powers aka the soul tracking).

- We then get a powerful line about him gladly giving up his life for his nation, but he refuses to sacrifice his sister for it.

- Back to Shuri. We essentially get the last story, involving a woman leading there armies against a great army after the men of the village surrendered.

- T'challa arrives in the Djalia. And they return... with Shuri as well


- This was the best issue of the series so far. It played to the strength of Coates and the artist as well.

- Boy am I glad the Shuri journey is over and even happier she is back. Her new powerset could be interesting... talking stories from history and turning it into powers. It could be taken too far into deus ex machina territory but if done right and subtle... could be really cool and unique.

- The inner monologues with T'challa were on point. It made him feel human without tearing him down. Strong feat there building something that could amplify Eden's powers and take them to the Djalia. And the subtle power up with the soul tracking being explained could be cool or could be ignored by future writers. But at least someone is using his enhanced senses again.

- All in all, this concludes the second book/act/trade while at the same time launching it into the conclusion of this story. It si weird how the closing issues of both trades were the best issues of the bunch. Maybe that gives us hope for the final act to be something that truly and finally elevates T'challa.

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