Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Wakanda/Atlantis War Part 1.7: Shuri and Namor Brawl

[This is Part 1 of a multiple post series going over the details of one of the most important moments in the Black Panther mythos: The Wakanda/Atlantis War.

In Part 1, we are specifically looking at the the various meetings between the Black Panther and Namor prior to the War. In 1.7, we look at the Shuri/Namor Brawl]

Shuri was Queen of Wakanda and the Black Panther following T'challa's near death at the hands of Doom. While T'challa was building himself back up physically and mentally with the help of various sorcerer's in the outskirts of Wakanda while at the same time training his Dora army, Shuri went around basically beating ass and taking names to find out who was responsible for what happened to T'challa.

Her search eventually lead her to Namor, and their personalities did not match as well as Namor and T'challa.

Black Panther, vol 5, #8
Shuri also realized she was physically outmatched in a straight fight and came armed to the teeth with a new armor and gadgets that would augment her physical capabilities to take on Namor if need be. And because of both of their hot headed natures... that proved prudent.

Yep, same tech as Azzuri.....

Black Panther, vol 5, #11

Namor was stopped by the Fantastic Four, who discovered evidence that Namor was framed.

Black Panther, vol 5, #11

What is interesting is that despite T'challa being blown to bits and Namor being framed, Namor still honors T'challa by not revealing what their meeting was about.

Black Panther vol 5, #11

Namor later joined Shuri and the F4 in finding out who exactly framed Namor and well... beating them up.

Black Panther, vol 5, #12

And this, ladies and gentlemen, was the last positive meeting between Atlanteans and Wakandans. It seems nutso it when from honor and cooperation to a blood bath.

But the war is coming...

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