Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Black Panther #13 Thoughts and Spoilers


- T'challa chats with Storm about the nature of the Gods of Wakanda. Yes, Gods now, not just Bast.

- T'challa has been going around Wakanda, talking to elders and shamans about the new government. Many mention how none of the Gods answered their prayers during the times of destruction.

- One such elder mentions a portal and snake-men coming out. T'challa investigates just to put the people at ease, but finds out it is true. He then whoops their ass. But the door of light was still open.

- Eden and Shuri are in the Royal library who these creatures might be. They eventually decide they are of the deep past, even before Shuri's new found knowledge.

- T'challa calls them to help out with a second snake-men invasion. A brawl ensues between T'challa, Shuri, Eden, the HZ, and shamans. The plan is to round them up near the portal entrance and let the shamans banish them.

- The Shamans do their thing... and they all die. They called on the Wakandan Gods and something else seemingly answered.


- I like it. And I can say that without any qualifying statements for the first time in a year. It just felt like a super-hero comic for once. Fights, snake-men, Gods, Shamans, ex-wives... it didn't feel like I was reading, "let's use Black Panther for social commentary!" It was a cape comic.

- This seems like a cool way to tackle the mythological side of Wakanda. We get tons of stories about the tech side of Wakanda so let's do the Gods!

- This is what a BP comic should be. T'challa driving the narrative, Shuri in support (with a dash of Eden), seeing the other parts of Wakanda such as the HZ and shamans. And with a little dose from the ex-wife.

- There was more action in this single issue than all of Season One combined outside #11. The goons were treated like goons for once. The action art was solid and a step up from Stelfreeze and Sprous in my opinion. However, it felt.. rushed? sloppy? unrefined at other times and the inking didn't seem to mesh with it well at all. For every dope panel there was another that looked rough. Give and take I suppose.

- Conversation with Storm was odd. Ok, but odd. He was in the Avengers with a Norse God... seems weird asking a pretend Goddess about God stuff lol.

- I really feel like the, "I don't have to hold back now," line was a head nod towards some fans (like me) pissed that he was getting hit by goons in Season 1. T'challa treated goons like goons this time.

- All in all, it accomplished what a #1 (for this story) should accomplish. Teased the bigger threat in an entertaining manner and got my attention. T'challa actually seemed like T'challa, the supporting cast did its job, no chumping involved... my body is ready for more.

Should You Read It?

- Yes. This is actually more new reader friendly than #1. If you skipped Season 1 because you didn't like it, this should at least have you tempted to jump back in and hope for the best.


  1. This should have been issue #1. Introduce Black panther. Show some badass action scenes (even in this issue had some bad action panels). And most importantly make the main character (your title character) likeably and interesting to new readers. But no he had to push some type of agenda. And we got a really crappy 12 issue run.

  2. I agree 100%.

    Mythology, action, no agenda, no potshots

    Just a comic book