Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fantastic Four Annual, vol 1, #5 Retro-Review

Issue: Fantastic Four Annual, vol 1, #5
Date: 11/1967
Writer: Stan Lee

General Black Panther Spoilers

- BP searches for intruders on his newly purchased Panther Island

- He is attacked by Medusa and then attacked by Karnak. He gives Karnak the business before stopping due to Black Bolt's presence.

- BP decides to help the Inhumans after he realize they share a common friend in the Human Torch.

- They fight the minions of Psycho-Man

- Psycho-Man creates a monster humanoid beast using the Mind Ray that is what "Panther fears most." It beats up Panther as it is faster, stronger and more agile.

- Eventually the Mind Ray machine is broken and this beast disappears. BP uses this opportunity to take out the Psycho-Man at the last second... only the costume is empty.

Importance to the Mythos

- First meeting between BP and the Inhuman Royals

- First time BP gave Karnak the business

Other Thoughts

- All I want to know is, where is Panther Island now? Doesn't T'challa still own it?

- Old comics are so bizarre with their team-ups. "Hey, we just randomly ran into each other on a island... Let's go punch bad guys!"

Should You Read It?

- Not mandatory, but a pretty significant guest appearance for T'challa. If you like old school comics, this would fit the bill.

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