Thursday, February 9, 2017

Black Panther vs. Captain America (Tales of Suspense #98)

Story: Tales of Suspense #98

Background: Black Panther has Captain America locked in a Magna ship, heading for Wakanda. Cap doesn't know T'challa and was leery to trust him at all. The ship is shot out from above and then heads straight into the jungle and into the Techno-Jungle. Cap exists the ship and, well, decides to start bustin' some heads.

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This was actually the first meeting between Captain America and the Black Panther (well, this Black Panther we learned later on)

So how many heroes fell for the "get in random space ship and get ambushed by Black Panther" trick lol?

This fight is eerily similar to the fight between Cap and BP in Hudlin's Civil War arc. 

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