Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Ultimates #10 Preview


- The one thing that could tear the Ultimates apart forever is inside that briefcase...

- ...and someone just opened it.

- Meanwhile, Thanos is ready to strike. And he has an ally...

- Color me intrigued!

- All the preview art for CWII had T'challa and MAC on Tony's side. But, so far, T'challa has been seen more on Carol's side... so maybe this is the beginning of the switch over for T'challa?

- And that last panel is super intriguing... T'challa just sitting there, arms crossed, doing nothing. Is he watching to see what happens? Does he have something else planned? Contingency plans for any of the super overpowered peeps on his team? Or is this just a cock tease lol?

Ewing is a fan of Priest Panther so... could be good.

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