Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Black Panther #5: Spoilers and Thoughts


- We essentially start with the preview. T'challa has combined his soul stalking ability with Eden's teleportation, allowing him to instantly teleport anywhere at anytime. We get no reason to why Eden decided to help or anything. He is just there.

- We get back to the base and here they have been able to track multiple locations like this. T'challa sends Eden away to rest and T'challa, the HZ general, and Hodari head to a meeting.

- ... with counterterrorism, dictator white dudes??? Basically people who have crushed rebellions in their country and rule with an iron fist. He has summoned them and paid them for advice on dealing with the rebels?????

- We then head to Shuri's vague story, which just appears to be running in place.

- Cut to the best part of this issue, which is T'challa talking to one of the suicide bombers he has revived. It is a great discussion with valid points on both sides. In the end. T'challa convinces the ma to honor his country, by reminding him of his brother he loved. They have a "pact" and T'challa tells him to speak of it to no man (I think this may be identical to what T'challa said to the thug in The Client).

- Next, we see Tetu, Zenzi, and Stane talking to one of the same counter intelligence guys T'challa brought in for council. He tells them what he told T'challa... basically to create chaos until the people reveal the rebels to him. He then says that T'challa rejected his advice and Zenzi states that it is because he wants to be a hero, not a king. Stane then kills this guy.

- The speech from this guy is then broadcasts throughout Wakanda and even to Storm... but without the part about T'challa rejecting it.


- Inviting a bunch of evil men for advise is "T'challa getting smart." "T'challa getting focused." I guess we found out why the UN wants to talk to T'challa. Dude's lost his god damn mind.

- Coates is literally just like Hickman, so I guess he really did like Hickman's T'challa. You get flashes of the real T'challa here (just like you got flashes in Hickman's run) but in the overall grand scheme of things... he is acting like a damn idiot and completely out of character.

- Shuri's journey has just turned into a bunch of mumbo jumbo that isn't really going anywhere.

- Stane is now one of the boys instead of providing tech for Tetu.

- This book is boring. Just straight boring. It is so decompressed it might as well be a graphic novel. The action is short and pathetic. Its just vague, flowery bullshit every single issue.

- This is going to be the most epic conclusion in T'challa's solo history, or the worst run in this characters existence, making Doom War look like Priest's run. Judging by Coates complete disregard of T'challa's abilities, I imagine it will be the latter. I honestly cannot understand how a T'challa fan could honestly enjoy this run.

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