Thursday, August 4, 2016

Marvel Posts Their Top 10 Black Panther Stories

Apparently, they were chosen by editorial and the social media team... aka someone just threw it together and rolled with it. I would imagine the editors have better things to do.

Here is the list if you hate watching dragged out Youtube videos like I do:

10. First Appearance
9.  Civil War: Black Panther
8.  The Man Without Fear
7.  See Wakanda and Die
6.  Who is Black Panther
5.  Killmonger's Rage
4.  Black Panther vs The Klan
3.  Enemy of the State
2.  Panther's Rage
1.  The Client

- I mean... I guess I could roll with most of this list. Everyone has different tastes. For instance, I hate McGregor's run and it hurts to even try and read it.

I have two big issues with the list:

- Black Panther vs The Klan has no right on this list, not when you have stories out there like Enemy of the State II, Sturm Und Drang, Kingpin of Wakanda, Deadliest of the Species, and some others.

- Having Man Without Fear on there instead of Most Dangerous Man Alive is bizarre. I do not know many Black Panther fans that prefer MWF over MDMA. That Kingpin of Wakanda arc was fantastic.

- I will post my top 10 sooner or later on here. But that day is not today!

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