Sunday, March 18, 2018

Black Panther vs The Winter Soldier (Rise of the Black Panther #3)

Story: Rise of the Black Panther #3

Background: T'challa is opening up Wakanda to the world for the first time by inviting representatives from various countries to Wakanda. During this meeting, a mysterious energy signature is detected in the city as the Winter Soldier has been sent to assassinate the king.  

The Challenger: A Mind Controlled Winter Soldier. This is Bucky pre the Winter Soldier story line, so he is in pure assassin mode. Here, as told in the story, he is actually physically enhanced to peak human levels. In addition, he has teleportation tech, is scentless, silent, and has cloaking tech the beginning of the fight. He also ambushes T'challa to start the fight. 

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Evan did a lot of great things with this. First off, he enhanced Bucky to the point where he was a credible threat to T'challa. The enhanced abilities, cloaking, soundless, scentless... Evan upped the villain instead of downgrading the hero. 

At the same time, he added in some new tech for T'challa as well. And a sick looking new suit. 

Oh, and the whole time it seemed like T'challa was non challant about the whole thing and not even stressed. Like he was testing new equipment, new tech, and new theories. 

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