Thursday, July 6, 2017

Meet... Asha

Name: Asha

First Appearance: Infinity: The Hunt #1

Last Appearance: Infinity: The Hunt #4

All Appearances: Infinity: The Hunt #1-4

Powers and Abilities: 

- Able to reflect or absorb light and may virtually appear or disappear at will. However, her powers have never actually been demonstrated on panel so we do not know the extent of her abilities.

Infinity: The Hunt #1

Other Information:

- Asha was one of three students named that were part of the Wakandan School of Alternative Studies along with Block and Bull

- Quientin Quire thought she was hot.

Infinity: The Hunt #1

- She participated in stopping part of the Invasion of the Black Order along with the other meta students from other schools. I use the term participate really loosely, as she literally did nothing combat related on panel. She never used her powers in any shape, way, or form.

Infinity: The Hunt #4

- She apparently has/had a crush on another student Striker, unfortunately for her he is seemingly gay.

Infinity: The Hunt #4

- This Asha should NOT be confused with the Asha that made an appearance in World of Wakanda #3. This Asha is not a member of the Dora Milajae, does not have the tribal markings, and her hair is much longer and completely different.

Different Asha,
World of Wakanda #3

- Asha is set to appear in Black Panther, vol 6, #16 and this article will be updated accordingly.

- A few other panels she actually speaks in...

Infinity: The Hunt #3

Infinity: The Hunt #3

Infinity: The Hunt #4

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