Monday, July 3, 2017

Black Panther #15 Quick Thoughts and Spoilers

- Judging TNC's issues one by one is becoming an impossible chore due to how slow moving and meandering his floppies read. His run has to be read in graphic novel form to get anything out of it. But alas...

- This issue was just a redo of #13. Portals open, monsters come out, punching, sorcerers used to close them with consequences, chat with Shuri about history, and then pouting around Storm. We learned no new information other than these clouds that magically appeared towards the end so Coates can force Storm down our throats.

- And let's just go right to the biggest problem of this book: Storm. She is the worst. I was really hoping TNC put a bow on the whole relationship during the Crew guest appearance but nope... let's just have the same conversation over and over again. A completely one sided conversation where T'challa waxes poetically about all his mistakes blah blah blah and Storm just goes "ok." It is pathetic, I am sick of it. Coates continuing to force her down our throats while she goes around kissing Gambit and whatever and its pathetic. She doesn't belong in the mythos anymore. It was a good idea, maybe a great one, that simply didn't work. Let the Black Panther mythos move on and give T'challa his damn balls back.

- Shuri is magically Queen of the Dead. Many of us lamented the fact that T'challa's big King of the Dead power up amounted to commanding zombies which is completely impractical in the main universe... then fucking Shuri goes and raises zombie soldiers. What the fuckity fuck? So she has ancient knowledge that T'challa and his force ghosts don't have, can raise dead warriors... why the hell did Coates take BP's king of the dead stuff and just give it to Shuri through some mystery means (WHO THE FUCK IS MOTHER?)?

- This issue kinda just broke me a bit. I liked 13, thought 14 was ok.. and then this garbage just brought back all my hatred for what Coates is doing. Black Panther isn't even recognizable anymore.

- The new artist that finished the issue is dope though. Yay, positives.

- This is probably one of the shittiest and worst written reviews I have done on here, but it is basically getting to the point that Coates lovers just love everything (world building! humanizing! realism!) and Coates haters just hate everything. I am generally right in the middle but after seeing T'challa have his balls back in his short appearances in Secret Empire, the Black Panther movie trailer, and even the Avengers Assemble cartoon appearance... I just want someone write the book who actually likes the title character and wants to push the title character and actually write him like he has been written since Priest (aka the dude that made him popular).

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